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Why not buy a Vacuum Cleaner for Dad?

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Why not buy a Vacuum Cleaner for Dad?

The most recent festival is Father's Day. I wonder what kind of Father's Day gift everyone bought for him? Parents must often clean the home, but the human labor will always make them tired, as we buy a vacuum cleaner, which is practical and suitable for giving gifts, then we come to shop!

 1. Vacuum cleaner brand selection

Dyson sells more than 70,000 units a day, roughly estimating 1.2 seconds to sell one, taking the lead. Nearly 60,000 puppies followed, selling one in about 1.5 seconds and gaining momentum. Lake sales of about 15,000, roughly 5.8 seconds one, although not as fast as the first two sales, the results are still pleasing. Speaking of these three brands, the puppy and Lake are all domestic brands, and Dyson is from the United Kingdom.

Dyson's founder is Zhanmusi·Daisen, an industrial designer, an inventor of vacuum cleaner, and founder of Dyson Corporation. He was hailed by the British media as "the king of British design." When he was in his 30s, he was very unhappy with the fact that the dust bag filter vacuum cleaner was getting weaker and weaker, so he referred to the centrifuge separation system of the sawmill and invented the cyclone dust separation technology instead of filtering and separation, fierce and lasting. No dust bag.

vacuum cleaner

The puppy's founder was called Tan Chong. According to Aiken Home Grid, the puppy registered in 1999 had undergone a channel transformation due to the high cost of underline channels such as Suning and Gome. The first online store opened on Taobao on June 11, 2007, This move allowed the dog to enter the Internet era with one foot. Since then, the puppy electric appliances led by Tan Chong have been out of control, and sales of full-screen vacuum cleaners have been the first in 2009-2014. In 2014, it achieved the first performance in domestic sales of vacuum cleaners. Among them, in the "Double 11" promotion, Puppy Appliances ranked fifth in the overall network of integrated life appliances, and the vacuum cleaner category was four times the sales volume of the second Philips.

The founder of Lake is Nizugen, and the former deputy director of Chunhua  Vacuum Plant. Lake is an old domestic electronics company. Founded in 1994, it has always focused on cleaning. Accumulated possession of more than 1,600 patents. As early as 2004, it achieved the world's number one vacuum cleaner sales. In 2009, it established its own brand, Lexylaike, and entered high-end clean home appliance products. It was successfully listed in 2015. However, as the puppy gradually rises and Dyson enters the force, Lake faces great challenges.

For more accurate analysis, we use these three brands of high-end flagship products as a comparison:

Dyson: V8 fluffy
       Puppy: D-535
        Lake: M91

vacuum cleaner

2. Comparison of vacuum cleaner prices

By tracking the pricing of the three commodities for the past six months, it is not difficult to find:

1. ) V8 prices are relatively firm. After the new V10 was launched, there was a large price reduction, which was similar to Apple's mobile phone strategy.

2. ) The D-535 price fluctuations are relatively frequent and will reduce prices every holiday

3. ) The M91 has less price fluctuations and is not affected by ecommerce holidays until an iterative product comes out

3. Comparison of vacuum cleaner evaluation

1. ) V8 is high in power and indeed has the highest degree of satisfaction. However, installation problems and loud sounds are also the main problems.

2. ) Although the D-535 effect is not as good as the V8, it has certain advantages in sound, installation, and weight, and the endurance needs to be improved.

3. ) The M91 needs to be more effective and vocal than the lack of obvious highlights.

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