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Why does the Vacuum Cleaner Smoke?

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Why does the Vacuum Cleaner Smoke?

With the rapid development of science and technology, vacuum cleaner has become an indispensable cleaning tool for many families. Vacuum cleaner has greatly reduced the difficulty of cleaning and is a right-hand assistant when cleaning. However, when many vacuum cleaner users have no idea where the vacuum cleaners are broken and can only be in a hurry when there is smoke and ash. Let’s see what are the reasons and what is correct way to deal with.

Reasons why the vacuum cleaner smoke

1. junction problem

If the vacuum cleaner smoke on the socket as soon as the power supply is plugged in, there is also a smell of burning, but other electrical appliances can be used normally, indicating that the socket is fine, which is likely to be a bad junction. This can happen if the power of the cleaner is too large. it is a good idea to consider replacing a high-power vacuum cleaner supply.

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2. The vacuum cleaner motor is overheated or burnt out

If the smell of scorching the vacuum cleaner is accompanied by smoke, be sure to check whether the motor is overheated and clean the interior of the motor.The scorching of the vacuum cleaner is likely to be that the temperature of the gasket is high, the plastic is burnt out, and even the rotor coil of the motor is burnt out. If the motor is a single transmission motor, the rotor can be burnt out, but if the heat is serious, the speed is not enough. At this time, it is best to stop using or go to professional maintenance personnel to repair.

3.Carbon brush failure

The vacuum cleaner carbon brush failure will lead to the problem of bad junction, resulting in the smoke. At this time, you only need to replace a new carbon brush, it is best to scrub the steering gear in contact with the carbon brush.

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What should be done with the smoke and ash of the vacuum cleaner? When most of the dust-removing filter bags are damaged, all needs to be replaced. We should change the dust-removing cloth bag when the vacuum cleaner dose not work and then open the inlet valve to remove the cloth bag. When unpacking the bag, take out the bag cage, then squeeze the spring ring into concave shape, pull out the cloth bag, and then install the new cloth bag. Before installing the new cloth bag, you need to clean up the dust on the hole of the board. When replacing the dust bag, it is necessary to check and analyze the reasons for the breakage of the cloth bag. If it is because the filter bag frame is not soldered firmly and the dust bag is pierced and broken in the process of use, you need to weld it in time, smooth the dust removal skeleton, or directly change a new skeleton. Seriously damaged dust removal bags should not be used, which will seriously damage the service life of vacuum cleaners. If the dust removal cloth bag is only damaged in a small area , you can also use the same material of the new filter cloth or the old cloth bag to fill the hole, use silicone rubber mixture to bond, as long as the adhesive temperature, chemical properties and technological conditions can be adapted. When there is smoke and ash in the vacuum cleaner, the vacuum cleaner should be stopped working in time, and then shut down and overhauled.

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