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Why do you want to buy a Vacuum Cleaner?

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Why do you want to buy a Vacuum Cleaner?

With the progress of science and technology, more and more kinds of vacuum cleaners appear in daily life, such as wireless vacuum cleaner, horizontal vacuum cleaner, push rod vacuum cleaner, hand-held vacuum cleaner and so on. Vacuum cleaners not only help people clean the floor and filter the air, but also reduce the irritation of dust on our body. But what factors do you need to consider when buying a vacuum cleaner?

1. Factors to be considered in purchasing a vacuum cleaner:

Factor 1: Form and use and cost budget.

Before choosing a vacuum cleaner, users should first consider the purpose of purchasing it, such as cleaning a large room floor, or simply cleaning sheets and wardrobes, or for a variety of purposes. If you want to clean a large area of the ground, hand-held vacuum cleaner is certainly unable to meet the demand.

In addition, different types of vacuum cleaners (such as different ways of filtering) determine their price and cost. Users can choose different brands and types of vacuum cleaner products according to their own budget. At the same time, according to their actual characteristics and effects, they can appropriately increase or reduce the budget within a reasonable range.

Factor 2: Performance of vacuum cleaner

Due to the different filter forms of the vacuum cleaner, its actual use will have different effects, such as the suction of the vacuum cleaner, air filtration, secondary pollution, dust cleaning methods and so on. Therefore, before choosing and purchasing, I suggest that you go to the home appliance store to experience and try again to judge.

2. Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of vacuum cleaners:

Traditional vacuum cleaner: through the high-speed rotation of the vacuum cleaner motor, a vacuum is formed in the main engine, and the resulting high-speed airflow is used to suck garbage from the suction port. The garbage inhaled from the vacuum cleaner is stored in a cloth bag, and the air is purified through a filter and discharged into the vacuum cleaner. It can also realize multi-angle and multi-function application through different brush heads.

Advantages: mature technology, low price, diverse choices

Disadvantage: loud noise, insufficient cleaning power, vacuum box is difficult to handle

Traditional Vacuum Cleaner


Charging Vacuum Cleaner: By charging the built-in batteries, it completely gets rid of the power supply restrictions, and it is very suitable for cleaning the sanitary dead corners of outdoor air conditioners, automobile trunks and so on.

Advantages: Through charging, moderate price, wide application

Disadvantage: The life of the whole machine will be affected by the battery life, low power, less brand 

Handle Vacuum Cleaner: It not only greatly reduces the volume, but also very convenient for users to operate. This hand-held vacuum cleaner is also designed by ingenious motor, which greatly reduces the noise and is more suitable for modern home use.

Advantages: small size, easy to use, low energy consumption, low noise

Disadvantage: limited suction

Steam vacuum cleaner: This kind of vacuum cleaner can realize the integration design of suction, steaming and scrubbing, triple cleaning and one step completion. The uniquely designed steam brush head releases the steam that softens the stubborn stains while strongly absorbing the ground. With the cooperation of high-temperature cloth, as long as it is gently wiped, the dirty oil and stains on the ground can be easily wiped off on weekdays, and the original brightness can be restored. It also has an adjustable "steam sterilization" function, through the built-in heater quickly heating, so that the water in the brush head generates heat, releases steam to clean the ground, while thoroughly effective sterilization, to protect the health of family members.

Advantages: Ability to vacuum and scrub at the same time, with advanced sterilization function

Disadvantage: slightly larger, expensive

Wireless Vacuum Cleaner: It can realize the full automatic cleaning of indoor ground. When obstacles are encountered, it will automatically circumvent. Every cleaning can design the best route through the indoor map formed by the first memory. Once the power is insufficient, it will automatically return to the charger for charging.

Advantages: intelligent cleaning, automatic charging

Disadvantage: expensive, can only clean the ground, can not achieve effective cleaning the uneven ground

Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

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