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Why do Vacuum Cleaners Sometimes Strike?

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Why do Vacuum Cleaners Sometimes Strike?

When it comes to having a clean home, nothing is as convenient as an electric-powered machine with suction to eliminate dust and dirt for you, a vacuum cleaner. However, vacuum cleaner sometimes stops working, then this could be for a number of reasons.

The reasons of striking

1. The filters may be blocked. They can be washed, and need to be dried thoroughly before they can be put back on, so you might want to have a spare set of filters so that you can keep on cleaning.

2. A clogged brush bar will mean that your Dyson won't pick up dust from the carpet. Make sure that it isn't blocked with anything, and that pet hair hasn't got stuck in it. If it has, then you'll need to clear it.

4. A cracked hose can lead to a loss of power and suction. By checking your hose regularly, you'll be able to see if there is any damage to the hose, before the damage gets serious.

5. The power cable is likely to be cracked. It makes sense to replace the whole power cable, as it could deteriorate and become dangerous over time.

6. A burning smell coming from your vacuum cleaner is likely to be a motor problem. Perhaps it's overheating, or there's a problem with the motor.  The motor is usually straightforward to replace, which will be cheaper than buying a new vacuum cleaner.

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The steps of fixing the vacuum cleaner

Now you know more about why your vacuum cleaner has stopped working, how will you fix it?

Fortunately, there are some basic steps you can take to clean your vacuum cleaner, given that your problem isn’t too bad or irreparable.

The On/Off Switch: Damages are usually due to repetitive use, which is unavoidable. Yours may be screwed in place, or fastened with rivets. With your vacuum unplugged, locate and remove the cover plate to expose the back end of the switch, either on the handle or housing of your vac.

Check that the wires are fully attached to the switch and test it with a continuity tester to ensure there is an open circuit when the vacuum is off and a closed circuit when on. You can use a multitester as well. If you find problems here, replace the switch with the appropriate piece.

The Rotating Brush or Beater Bar: Usually the first thing to go when your vacuum gets run down. Sometimes the brushes wear down, the roller gets damaged, the drive belt comes loose or the end cap falls off. Turn the vacuum upside to inspect the beater bar, which should be found at the front end of the vacuum head housing.

To lift the beater bar from the housing, remove the clips on the ends and the drive belt. You can disassemble it by removing the end cap and flange, then pull it from the casing. A worn brush should be replaced. If it’s broken, replace the case, cap or flange, and maybe even the whole thing if necessary.

The Motor: Your vacuum really only lasts as long as your motor does. If it stops working suddenly, check the power cord, the switch and the fan. You can find out if the motor is defective by using a continuity tester or multitester for the motor’s brushes. Rotate the beater bar or shaft manually by hand. If the motor works, it should maintain continuity. If it doesn’t, you should take the vacuum to an appliance repair shop to have the brushes replaced or to find out if the motor is irreparable. 

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