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Why did You Choose to Use a Bagless Vacuum Cleaner?

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Why did You Choose to Use a Bagless Vacuum Cleaner?

Vacuum cleaner is a kind of cleaner electric appliance that is more common inside modern family, because inside the home actually every day can have invisible dust rubbish to produce. If you use a broom to clean every day, not only work more tired, many small dust is difficult to clean. So a vacuum cleaner is a particularly useful device for dealing with dust. Vacuum cleaners also have different categories, commons are bagged vacuum cleaners, but today we’ll introduce bagless vacuum cleaners.

The difference

With dust bag: as the name implies is with dust bag. A vacuum cleaner works simply by collecting dust and removing air. When it's full of dust, there's a reminder to replace the bag or dump the dust. The advantage of this vacuum cleaner is that it is very convenient to empty the garbage, can directly take out the garbage bag to throw away, clean and sanitary, do not need too many times of cleaning. This is a good choice if you have less time.

Without dust bag: vacuum cleaners without bags work the same basic principles. What is different is that after the dust enters the dust collecting box, the rotating centrifugal force of airflow separates the large dust and stays in the dust cup. The air then passes through an internal filter to keep the small dust out. It doesn't require you to worry about replacing the bag, you just need to find time to clean the cup. If you accidentally inhale something valuable, you can easily search the container to find it.

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Which is better, the bagless vacuum cleaner or the bagged vacuum cleaner

We know the difference between two vacuum cleaners, can make a decision according to their actual situation. Bagged vacuum cleaner are better for those who are squeamish and allergic. You just throw out the garbage bags without touching them. But it doesn't always have to be cleaned. When the air holes in the bag are blocked by dust, the absorption rate drops quickly. At the same time, the life of the motor will be lost, so you can clean it regularly. Bagless vacuum cleaner don't have to worry about buying a new bag, just clean the cup. This is much easier than cleaning the dust bag, cleaning just pour out the dust and clean the dust cup with water. This is a good and economical choice.

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