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Which Filter is better for Vacuum Cleaners?

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Which Filter is better for Vacuum Cleaners?

For many people, when choosing vacuum cleaner, they always focus on the size, power consumption, service life and corresponding functions. But in fact, there is another important factor that is vacuum cleaner filtration method. The main methods of vacuum cleaner filtration include dust bag filtration, dust cup filtration and water filtration. Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of these three filtration methods.

1. Introduction of Vacuum Cleaner Filtration Method

1) Dust Cup Filtration

The dust cup vacuum cleaner on the market occupies a large proportion. It mainly separates and precipitates the inhaled garbage through the gas flow. This kind of filtration method is more thorough, and more convenient to clean up. The most important is that it does not need regular replacement, which greatly reduces the cost. You do not need to change the dust cup frequently, just clean it regularly.

2) Water Filtration

The water filtration method of the vacuum cleaner is more advanced, and the filtration process is more complicated and effective. It mainly dissolve dust and other impurities in the water as much as possible, and the insoluble portion is filtered by other filtration methods.

There are many advantages of water filtration. The biggest advantage is that it can ensure the exhaust more clean and healthy. Compared to other filtration methods, it can inhale some conventional metallic,glass and other solids. Secondly, the water filtration method can avoid dust flying when cleaning, and is easier to clean up. The main disadvantage of the water filtration method is that it needs to add water before using, and  needs to pay attention to keep warm in the winter, otherwise it will be frozen.

3) Dust Bag Filtration

Dust bag filtration mainly puts the inhaled dust into the bag. The main feature of this filtration method is that it is very convenient to clean. It does not need to be cleaned every day until the dust bag is full. The filtering ability is also relatively strong. However, the filtering ability will be reduced after a long time of using, because the filtering ability of the cloth has a certain elasticity, and after a long time of using, the pores of the cloth become large, and the filtering ability is greatly weakened. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the dust bag regularly, and the cost will be higher in later. Secondly, it is easy to raise dust during the process of dust bag cleaning, which will cause people to inhale a certain amount of dust, and it has a certain impact on health.

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2.The Cleaning Method of The Vacuum Cleaner Filter

Vacuum cleaners will involve the using of filters in different filtration methods. How should the filter be cleaned after using?

1) Pull out the power supply and make sure the vacuum cleaner is in the state of electromechanical separation.

2) Open the dust bag and gently take out the inlet filter.

3) Replace the inlet filter or wash the inlet filter with clean water.

4) Place the cleaned inlet filter in a cool, ventilated place.

5) Take out the outlet filter from the back of the vacuum cleaner.

6) Replace the outlet filter or clean the dust on the outlet filter and then install it back.

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