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What’s the Difference Between Bagless Vacuum Cleaner and Bagged Vacuum Cleaner?

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What’s the Difference Between Bagless Vacuum Cleaner and Bagged Vacuum Cleaner?

As vacuum cleaners are used more and more frequently, people will not only consider the vacuum cleaner brand and the type of vacuum cleaner when purchasing. At the same time, we also consider whether it is better to have a dust bag in the vacuum cleaner. We don't know the difference between a bagless vacuum cleaner and a bagged one. So this has caused our blind choice. This article will introduce the difference between the bagless vacuum cleaner and the bagged vacuum cleaner.

1.Bagged Vacuum Cleaner

The bagged vacuum cleaner works by simple collectin method: discharging the air while collecting dust to maintain the normal vacuuming work. In fact, the working principle of the vacuum cleaner with dust bag is that when the dust bag is fully filled with dust, there will be a reminder device telling you exactly that the dust bag is full and you need to change a new one.

2.Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

The bagless vacuum cleaner basic working principle is the same as the bagged vacuum cleaner. Which is not the same is that when the dust enters the dust box, it can only rely on the centrifugal force of the airflow to centrifuge out the large dust, and the small dust is left in the box, then the smaller dust is blocked by the internal filter device. Under these circumstances, the air is allowed to flow out. This is the basic working principle of bagless vacuum cleaner.

vacuum cleaner

3. Which is better? bagless or bagged?

Through the above introduction to the bagless and the bagged vacuum cleaner, we will find:

The advantage of having a bagged vacuum cleaner is that it is very convenient to dump the garbage. You can take out the garbage bag directly, clean and hygienic, and it does not require much cleaning. If you have less time, this will be a good choice. However, it is still necessary to clean up. When the vent hole of the bag is blocked by dust, the suction rate will drop rapidly, and the service life of the motor will be shorten, so it needs to be cleaned regularly. When cleaning the dust bag, be sure to pay attention to the cleaning method. The wind filter should not be seasoned but air-dried to avoid it being deformed by high temperature. Of course, you can't use the washing machine to wash it. Pay attention to the installation of the dust filter bag. The selected bag should not be too small, preferably more than 2 liters.

The bagless vacuum cleaner does not need to replace dust bag with a new one. You just need to find time to clean the dust cup. This is much easier than cleaning the dust bag. Just pour out the dust and clean the dust cup with water. If you accidentally inhale something of value, you can easily find it in the dust cup.

In addition, the suction rate of the bagged vacuum cleaner is not as good as the bagless vacuum cleaner. And the motor of the bagged vacuum cleaner is also less durable and has a poor service life.

Personally, I am more optimistic about the bagless vacuum cleaner. After all, the bagless vacuum cleaner has better adsorption effect than the bagged one , and bagged vacuum cleaner needs to replace the new bag frequently, the later use cost is higher. In comparison, the advantages of the bagless bag vacuum cleaner are obvious, having a good adsorption effect, more durable motor and a long service life.







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