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What is the Origin of the Vacuum Cleaner?

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What is the Origin of the Vacuum Cleaner?

The origin of the vacuum cleaner date back to 1901, British civil engineer Robert booth visited the imperial concert hall in London's Leicester Square to see an American demonstration of a car dust collector. The vacuum cleaner USES compressed air to blow dust into the container, which booth doesn't think is very clever because a lot of it fails to get in.

Later, he did the opposite, using the vacuum method, booth made a very simple experiment: a handkerchief covered in the armrest of the chair, with the mouth of the handkerchief suction discharge, the results of the handkerchief attached to a layer of dust. At that time, he made a vacuum cleaner, using a powerful electric pump to draw air into a hose and filter the dust through a cloth bag.

Booth patented in August 1901 and founded the vacuum company, which does not sell vacuum cleaners. He loaded wagons with vacuum pumps powered by petrol engines, went door-to-door and pumped three or four long hoses through the Windows to vacuum rooms. This is the predecessor of the later vacuum cleaner.

In 1902 booth's service company was called to Westminster Abbey to clean the carpet for the coronation of Edward vii. Since then business has boomed. In 1906 booth made the home minuscule vacuum cleaner, which, despite its name, weighed 88 pounds and was too bulky to be popular.

In 1907, an inventor from Ohio, made a lightweight vacuum cleaner. Working as a shop assistant, he made a vacuum cleaner to lighten the burden of sweeping carpets. Unable to produce and sell himself, he transferred the patent to hoover, a fur manufacturer, in 1908. Hoover began making a wheeled "O" type vacuum cleaner, which sold well. The original household vacuum cleaner had a reasonable design and has not changed much since its development.


The earliest vacuum cleaners were upright. In 1913, wenle goering in Stockholm, Sweden, invented the horizontal canister vacuum cleaner. In 2002, iRobot developed the cordless vacuum cleaner robot.

So why are foreign vacuum cleaners so expensive? Let's look at dyso.There are many products on the market that look similar to dyson, but their performance and technology lag far behind. Dyson's core technology is protected by more than 1,900 patents worldwide to make sure you're getting your money's worth.Second, the reason to buy dyson vacuum cleaners - no extra cost many vacuum cleaners in the use of consumption is very fast, so the manufacturer can replace the dust bag or filter or other consumables profit. Dyson vacuum cleaner does not set dust bag, its filter life and machine as long. Since no consumables are required, there is no need to purchase a dust bag or filter and no additional overhead.

 After reading the vacuum cleaner introduction, let's talk about the advantages of Vacuum cleaner.Here we take the customer product - cordless vacuum cleaner to explain for everybody.One of the most significant advantages is that we can carry everywhere at any time, whether home or in the car, used in the office, is very convenient, especially the car to install the child seat of the family, to have a cordless vacuum cleaner is to help the family solve a big problem

  Besides,cordless vacuum cleaner does not have the power cord that tows, where dirty wash where, clean at any time and place, suction is strong, can assure again clean effect.

In addition,cordless vacuum cleaner also has a smooth and straight air inlet, can let the air quickly read into, the arc of the air passage, it and dust separation, to achieve the purpose of high-speed dust absorption; Cooperate electric ground to brush again, can make motor is passed actively rotate clean, reduced the energy consumption of cleaner host to a great extent, ensured its suction.


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