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What are the Other Uses of the Vacuum Cleaner?

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What are the Other Uses of the Vacuum Cleaner?

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, we naturally think of them as being able to vacuum and clean the environment, which is the basic purpose of vacuum cleaners. But you know what, vacuuming has many other uses. Here are just a few examples of the unexpected conveniences that can come your way.

1. Wash the clothes and air from the bedding

Every winter, when the weather is warm, we should put away our winter clothes, such as down jackets and thick quilts. But the down jacket, thick cotton itself with a lot of air, direct storage will occupy a large space. At this time, you can put down jacket, thick cotton in a bag, and vacuum the air inside. You'll be surprised how much smaller they are and how much space they save.

2. Look for dropped items 

For small items, such as sewing, buttons, etc. If fell into the gap, under the sofa, under the bed, to find out, I believe it is more difficult. That's when vacuum cleaners come in handy. You can power up, take advantage of the vacuum's powerful suction, and suck it out.

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3.Clean Windows 

The screen window of my home is dusty and full of bacteria. It looks dirty. Not only does it affect health, it also hinders ventilation. Cleaning window screens is a headache for housewives. If washed with water, it is difficult to clean and easy to prick the screen window. We can use a vacuum cleaner directly on the screen window suction back and forth on a few times, with a few minutes, can clean up the screen window, is not very convenient!

Household curtains are difficult to clean every year, and dismantling and assembling them takes time and effort. We all know, the main reason that we need clean curtain is, the dirt that attaches on the curtain can accumulate as time, form a thick dirt. It would be unacceptable if we didn't clean them. Accordingly, we can use cleaner to suck the dirt on the curtain a few times a week to solve this problem, so won't have thick dirt on the curtain!

vacuum cleaner

4.Take care of pet hair

My friends who have pets at home know that pet hair care can be a hassle. After all, many pets are now in a higher position than humans and must not be harmed. We can turn off the power of the household vacuum cleaner and brush the pet's hair. The pet will feel comfortable, too.

5.Kill flies

Wonder, isn't it, that a vacuum cleaner can destroy this thing? Yes, if the mosquito flies lie down on the wall or other places, you can drive the vacuum cleaner to a strong position and slowly approach it, aiming at the mosquito flies. The mosquito flies cannot move under the strong suction force, so they can easily suck it into the vacuum cleaner. Especially mosquito fly hides the place that cannot touch artificially in corner, aperture, vacuum cleaner action is more apparent.

Do you have a vivid imagination and surprise to see how the vacuum cleaner works? Of course, as long as you can imagine, the vacuum cleaner can also be used, give full play to the vacuum cleaner, it will make your life more convenient, fast.

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