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What are the Common Faults of Cordless Vacuum Cleaners?

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What are the Common Faults of Cordless Vacuum Cleaners?

In modern society, with the technology advancing rapidly, the cordless household vacuum cleaners have almost replaced traditional manual labor and brought great convenience to our lives. But when we use a vacuum cleaner, we don't know much about vacuum cleaners, so what should we do? Here are some of the things we have done about vacuum cleaners that are prone to failure and solutions.

1. Vacuum cleaner noise increases

In general, vacuum cleaners have a certain amount of noise during normal operation, but this noise is within acceptable range. But if one day when the vacuum cleaner is working, the sound suddenly increases, it is a malfunction. The common reason is that the following two, either the vacuum cleaner's fixed element is loose, and at this time only the component needs to be re-fixed, or the motor fan has fallen off, causing the fan to hit the shell when it is running. This situation only needs to adjust the fan. Just fix it.

2. Vacuum cleaners have less suction

If vacuum cleaner suction becomes smaller, there may be several reasons. First, the internal fuse is burned, and this situation only needs to be replaced with a new fuse and restarted. The second is that the vacuum cleaner's power cord contact is poor, causing the internal power of the machine is insufficient, suction capacity is reduced, at this time we only need to replace a plug can. The third is that the vacuum cleaner's motor is broken, so it is only necessary to replace the new motor.

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3. Vacuum cleaner motor does not rotate

After the vacuum cleaner is connected to the power supply, the motor does not turn on may be that the brush inside the motor is burned or excessively worn, and the contact between the vacuum cleaner and the socket is poor. We need to check these cases one by one. If it is confirmed that the electric brush is the cause of the motor can not continue to work, replace a new brush; If the contact is bad, we can pull the power cord and reconnect.

4. Vacuum cleaner motor does not vacuum

After the vacuum cleaner is turned on, the motor can be heard to turn, but just do not vacuum. It may be that the dust bag inside the vacuum cleaner is full or the hose is blocked. We need to clean the dust bag and dredge the foreign body blocked in the hose. Another possibility is that the interface between the vacuum hose and the brush head is loose, and you just need to reconnect them.

In fact, these situations are easy to identify, but if you cannot judge by yourself at home, you can ask the maintenance staff to check and repair. If we can protect it well, the cordless vacuum cleaner service life will be longer.

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