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What Vacuum Cleaner is best for Sucking Hair?

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What Vacuum Cleaner is best for Sucking Hair?

In addition to the tireless stool shoveling, the hair cleaning is another problem if you have a pet cat or a pet dog. Especially in the hair-changing period, their hairs are pervasive. Beds, sofas, clothes, etc. can’t escape from the hair. If there is no tools to help, it is really painful. In order to clean your pet's hair more thoroughly, we need a suitable vacuum cleaner.

1.Vacuum Cleaner Purchase-The following questions should be considered

1)Vacuum cleaner suction. Hair, which is small in size and light in weight, is a test of the vacuum cleaner’s cleaning power. If the suction is not enough, it can't completely clean the hair.

2)Type of vacuum cleaner tip. We all know that the hair is pervasive, and the places such as the bed, the bottom of the bed, the surface and inside of the sofa, furniture gap, and the sliding door troughs will become the hardest hit areas for pet hair accumulation.These areas cannot be cleaned without a a variety of tips. Hair cleaning on the bed and sofa surface and inside need a special bed mite cleaning brush. It not only can remove the hair, but also can clean the dander that fall from the pet. The furniture gap and the sliding door slot must have a long flat gap brush to clean.

3)Filtering method. When using pet hair cleaning clips clean dander and various dust, if the filtration is not thorough enough, dust, animal dander, and even germs can easily diffuse into the air with the airflow. It can cause secondary pollution to the user. According to filtration accuracy, only the HEPA can reach the level of filtering bacteria, so if you want to have no secondary pollution during using, you should choose a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter.

vacuum cleaner

4)Dust separation method. If the filter is clogged, the internal airflow of the machine cannot flow normally, the suction is not transmitted to the suction port, and the vacuum cleaner loses the cleaning effect. The dust separation cyclone technology is one of the most powerful technologies at present, and it is unnecessary to consider the problem of blockage when inhaling the dust and hair into the dust bucket.

5) Easy to use. The hair is everywhere, the wireless hand-held vacuum cleaner is small and flexible, and it is convenient to use.

2. How to use a vacuum cleaner to clean the hair (Take dog hair as an example)

1) Before sweeping the floor, you can sprinkle a small amount of water in the air and on the ground, the dog's hair will condense into a group and it is easy to discover and collect. This method is also applicable to the hair sticking to the clothes. Get the hands wet with water, removing the excess water, and the hand gently rub over the clothes, the hair will be easily stuck to the hand.

2) Squeezing out the water from the leftover tea and keeping it slightly damp. When sweeping the floor, sprinkle it on the ground, slowly push the tea leaves to sweep, then the light dog hair will roll to the tea leaves. If the floor is light in color, it is best to use green tea or tea leaves that have been brewed several times to avoid staining.

Sticky rubber roller is the easiest hair removal tool available in supermarkets and pet supplies stores. After cleaning the dog hair, rinse the surface of the rubber roller with soapy water and clean water, and dry it for reuse. The rubber roller can also be replaced with a wide tape: cut a wide tape of about 10 cm, wrap the glue around the hand, press on the hairy clothing. When one side is glued ,turn to the other side, repeat until the surface of the tape completely loses adhesion.

cat hair

TIPS: After cleaning the dog hair, remember to clean the vacuum cleaner in time, otherwise the dog hair will shrink into a group inside the vacuum cleaner, which will easily cause the clogging of the dust bag or the hose, and finally cause the vacuum cleaner to malfunction.

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