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What Should I do if the Vacuum Cleaner Motor is Broken?

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What Should I do if the Vacuum Cleaner Motor is Broken?

The vacuum cleaner is very helpful in modern life, which is an integral part of many families. After the vacuum cleaner is used for a long time,  some motor failure problems may turn up. Most of users don’t know how to handle the problem when the vacuum clean motor is broken, I don't know how to handle it, so let's get up to see how the cleaner's motor is broken.

What is the vacuum cleaner working principle? The vacuum cleaner is mainly includes series excited carrier motor, centrifugal fan, dust filter (bag) and dust cleaning accessories. Usually the power of vacuum cleaner is 400 -1000 W or higher, and the power of portable vacuum cleaner is usually 250 W and less.

Here is the vacuuming effect. The vacuum cleaner is capable to remove dust, and the main reason is that the "head" of the vacuum cleaner is provided with an electric suction fan. The rotating shaft of the exhaust fan is provided with a wind impeller. After the power is turned on, the exhaust fan has a very strong suction and pressure at a speed of 500 laps per second. Under the effect of suction and pressure, the air is discharged at high speed. Some of the air in the front the fan constantly makes up for the air in the fan, resulting in an instantaneous vacuum in the vacuum cleaner. Negative pressure difference with external atmospheric pressure is formed. Thus, exterior dust-containing air is taken in. After the air is purified by the filter plate, the air is discharged from the tail part of the machine body.

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How to solve the problem if the vacuum cleaner motor is broken?

1. The vacuum cleaner motor can roll without cleaning

(1)The dust bag in the vacuum cleaner is full and the air path is blocked. Remove the waste debris from the dust bag. (2) hose, suction nozzle, dust bag interface is blocked by foreign bodies. Should check everywhere passage and  and get rid of foreign body to make it clear. (3) hose, brush seat and lengthening tube connection is not good to form air leakage. Check the joints and connect them from scratch. (4) The joint of the center of the shell is not connected or the sealing ring is aging and invalid. Check the joints, check the sealing ring, and replace it if necessary.

2. After the power is connected, the whole machine does not work

(1)fuse burn, replace the new fuse. (2)power cord contact is poor or motor lead loose. 3(3)power switch damage (note: some vacuum cleaners have two switches: one is installed on the shell, the other is installed on the handle of the hose).(4)motor damage. As long as the new motor is replaced, if the internal bearing of the motor is damaged or the carbon brush is worn out, the new bearing or carbon brush can be replaced.

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3. Vacuum cleaners are powerless to clean up.

(1)The speed of the motor is too low. Check whether the motor is normal (such as whether the winding is short circuit, whether the bearing is flexible, whether the fan blade is blocked), if the damage should be replaced. (2)The fan and motor are not fixed well, the formation of fan does not turn or the speed is too low. It can be fixed from scratch. (3)hose, suction nozzle, dust storage bag severe blockage. Remove foreign bodies to ensure smooth. (4) The shell seal is not broken. Replace the new sealing ring.

4. leakage of electricity from the shell of the vacuum cleaner

(1)Motor insulation failure. Only need to dry after insulation treatment, if there is no effect to replace the new motor. (2 Find the contact point and use insulation for insulation treatment.

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