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The Introduction of Vacuum Cleaner

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The Introduction of Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaner Introduction:

As one of the household cleaning tools, people are not unfamiliar to vacuum cleaner use, but some people are still unclear about the other functions, material and shapes of the vacuum cleaner. Below we will introduce the functional use of the vacuum cleaner and its materials and shapes.

1.Vacuum Cleaner Function 

We all know that the vacuum cleaner is used to clean the house, but you may not know that this is the most common use. What other things can the vacuum cleaner do? Let's take a look at it.

1) We are always troubled with all kinds of wet in our lives when it comes to spring, summer or autumn and winter. Itchy skin, a lot of colds, extremely susceptible to allergies... and also you will be deeply troubled by mites, at this time, don't be merciful, immediately eliminate mites! Strong suction, efficient vacuuming, equipped with professional turbocharger and smashing brush, powerful tapping, efficient dust removal, and fundamentally remove mites!

2)The clothes are too heavy to wash, the little fibers are always dispersed in the wool and difficult to remove them frequently. The vacuum cleaner with efficient horsehair brush can remove the little dust in the clothes.

3) Pet hair is too sticky, it can not be completely removed. You can use a vacuum cleaner! The strong suction of the vacuum cleaner make the hair can not be seen on the floor, the sofa and in the air! This also applies to people who often lose hair.

4) We inevitably drop small items such as buttons, tablets, bottle caps, sewing needles, etc., in our daily life. However, they can be found effortlessly with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Before using, the suction nozzle of the vacuum cleaner can be wrapped with a layer of gauze, and then the power supply is used to slide back and forth around the falling object with the suction nozzle, the dropped articles can be quickly adsorbed onto the gauze. 

2.Introduction of Vacuum Cleaner Material and Its Shape

1)Vacuum Cleaner Material

The vacuum cleaner with a stainless steel barrel is durable and resistant to rust.

Stainless steel is better in high temperature resistance, which can be as high as 1000-1200 degrees. It has excellent stainless corrosion resistance and good resistance to intergranular corrosion. For alkali solution and most Organic and inorganic acids, it has good corrosion resistance. At the same time, it has excellent hot and cold processing and forming properties. It can process all kinds of products such as plate, tube, wire, belt and so on. It is suitable for the parts manufacture of cold heading, deep drawing and deep drawing. Good low temperature performance. Under the condition of -180C, the strength, the medium length and the area shrinkage are all good. Stainless steel is often used at low temperatures, it has good welding performance. It can be welded by the usual welding method, and no heat treatment is required before or after welding. Stainless steel also has performance shortcomings: steel products with large cross-section dimensions is sensitive to intergranular corrosion after welding. It is very sensitive to stress corrosion in c1-water (including wet atmosphere); low mechanical strength and poor cutting performance. Due to the lack of performance of stainless steel, people try their best to avoid the shortness in the production and use of stainless steel and try to develop its excellent performance.

vacuum cleaner

2)Vacuum Cleaner Shape 

1) The vacuum cleaner can remove dust, mainly because its "head" is equipped with an electric exhaust fan. There is a wind impeller on the rotating shaft of the exhaust fan. After the power is applied, the air inhaled into the machine generates a strong suction and pressure at a speed of 500 revolutions per second. Under the action of suction and pressure, the air is discharged at a high speed, and the air in the vacuum part of the front of the fan is continuously replenish the air in the fan, so that an instantaneous vacuum is generated inside the vacuum cleaner, and a negative pressure difference is formed with the external atmospheric pressure. Under this negative pressure difference, the dust-containing air is sucked into the dust bag. After the air is purified by the filter, it is discharged from the tail of the body. Since the gas is heated as it passes through the motor, the gas discharged from the tail of the cleaner is hot.

2) The dust collecting bucket of the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a dust collecting box which can collect dust. After the box is full, it can be taken out and cleaned with water.

3) Because this vacuum cleaner is relatively bulky, there are wheels underneath, it is convenient for users to move it. Under this condition, it can save labor. The design is very clever and practical.

4) There is a sponge inside the vacuum cleaner. When it starts working, it will have a loud sound, with the sponge, it can reduce some noise.

vacuum cleaner

5) The function of the fastening is to get stuck when the motor is put in, not loose, and it is safe.

6) Because the vacuum cleaner is relatively large, there will be a lot of action. Give a rubber pad under the motor, it can effectively prevent shock.

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