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Popular Vacuum Cleaner Recommendation

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Popular vacuum cleaner Recommendation 

The vacuum cleaner is an apparatus that creates a partial vacuum and is used to suck up dust and dirt. It uses an air pump to create a vacuum, and it is used to clean floors, but it can also clean other surfaces. What a vacuum cleaner sucks into itself is collected into a dust bag or a cyclone and later disposed of. Today, there are many sizes and models of a vacuum cleaner, from hand-held variants that are powered by batteries to industrial models that can vacuum several hundred liters of dust to vacuum cleaners.etc.

The first mechanical device for cleaning floors was a “carpet sweeper” invented by Daniel Hess in 1860. It had rotating brush and bellows which generated suction.

The first vacuum cleaner as the same as we use today was invented by Hubert of England in 1901. His vacuum cleaner had an internal combustion engine which powered a piston pump which pulled the air through a cloth filter. The whole machine was pulled by a horse, It was big, and it could not enter buildings and only its tubes were inserted through the windows. it was too big and not suitable for individual homeowners.

First cleaning machine that used a vacuum and that could be carried around was designed by Walter Griffiths in 1905. It used bellows to suck up dust and a flexible pipe. James B. Kirby invented vacuum the machine in 1906, called the "Domestic Cyclone”, which used water for dirt separation instead of a filter.

The vacuum cleaner was a luxury at first but after the Second World War middle classes could afford it, and it slowly became a part of many households. Today, we have many different types of vacuum cleaners. Let's study the popular vacuum cleaners!

vacuum cleaner

1. Hand held

Hand held vacuums are very small, yet powerful.They are generally cordless so that you can carry them anywhere. They are perfect for quickly vacuuming up small messes or piles of dirt and can be used on furniture, the floor, and even upholstery. Many people love using them to help clean out their cars and when you buy a model with a car adapter, you can easily keep your car as clean as possible.

hand held vacuum cleaner

2. Bag-less vacuum cleaner

One of the benefits of bag-less vacuum cleaner is their suction power. These vacuum cleaners don’t lose their suction often as compared to their bagged counterparts. Bagless vacuum cleaners are convenient to use as compared to bagged vacuum cleaners, thanks to the see-through canister. The reason the see- through canister helps you keep a check on when you need to clean it for proper cleaning. 


These vacuum cleaners consist of a storage tank connected to a sucker end by a long hose. They come with a number of different attachments that can easily be swapped out.From hardwood and carpet to drapes, walls, and even ceiling corners, you can stretch this vacuum to reach and clean all areas of your home. 


Stick vacuum cleaners are incredibly lightweight and very slim, making them perfect for anyone who isn’t strong enough to handle an upright or a canister vacuum.They rely on a rotating brush as well as very light suction to pull and whisk dust and debris into the bag or bin.this type of vacuum features a long stick-like handle and a slender construction so that It's easy to place and save space. They are great for dealing with small messes and light dust.

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