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Vacuum Cleaner Comparison Analysis

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Traditional home cleaning with mop and water is gone, and the era of vacuum cleaners is at the top age. Any type of cleaning need you have at home or office; you will find a top vacuum cleaner from a branded company for it. From upright vacuum for high pile carpet to the robotic vacuum which makes you worry free from cleaning your home manually. Today, I will provide you the reviews and comparison of the top two vacuum cleaner brands; Miele and Dyson.

1) Canister vacuums – Miele Vs Dyson

As Miele is the European company, it has a more developing environment than Dyson. Miele manufactures three types of canister vacuums; C1s (for beginners), C2s, and C3s (most expensive and advanced). While Dyson produces two types of canister vacuums; a compact design (Dyson Ball Compact Animal) and the standard version (Dyson Cinetic Animal).

2) Upright vacuums – Miele Vs Dyson

           The noticeable difference between the upright vacuum and canister vacuum is the cleaning head. The Dyson upright vacuums are super responsive to new technologies in vacuum cleaners, more flexible, durable for a longer time, and have low maintenance cost than Miele and other top vacuum brands. Whereas, Miele produces bagged upright vacuums with advanced brush rolls and clinical grade filters.

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