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Is your Vacuum Cleaner Noisy?

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Is your Vacuum Cleaner Noisy?

In today's fast-paced life, in order to maintain a clean and comfortable environment at home, we generally choose high-efficiency cleaning tools, such as a vacuum cleaner, but while the vacuum cleaner gives us convenience, its noise also plagues us. What should we do if the vacuum cleaner is too noisy? How can we reduce the vacuum cleaner noise?

Before we discuss how to reduce the noise of a vacuum cleaner, we must first understand the causes of noise generated by the vacuum cleaner and the standard of normal vacuum cleaner noise.

1.The Causes of The Vacuum Cleaner Noise

The noise of the vacuum cleaner is caused by its working principle. Household vacuum cleaners generally draw dust into the dust cup by negative pressure. The motor drives the eddy current fan to generate negative pressure. The speed is up to 40,000 rpm, which is much higher than the ordinary motor speed. Therefore, the higher the speed, the greater the suction of the vacuum cleaner, and the noise generated will also increase.

The vacuum cleaner noise is a common problem, and it is impossible to completely eliminate the sound of the vacuum cleaner. So what is the standard noise of the vacuum cleaner? According to the working principle of the vacuum cleaner, the motor speed is up to 40,000 rpm, and the noise generated by the vacuum cleaner during use is about 85 decibels. Talking in a normal room with 60-70 decibels is noisy. People under normal 50 decibels can rest and sleep. Therefore, the vacuum cleaner sound up to 85 decibels has affected people's normal life to rest.

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2.How to Reduce The Vacuum Cleaner Noise?

As we find the root cause of the vacuum cleaner noise, some manufacturers put a sound-absorbing sponge on the motor to achieve noise reduction. Although this method can make the sound smaller, it affects the suction of the vacuum cleaner, and is not conducive to the heat dissipation of the motor, which causes the motor to be easily damaged. So in addition to this way, how can people effectively reduce the noise of the vacuum cleaner?

1) Vacuum cleaner noise can be effectively reduced by the machine sealability and the noise reduction technology of major manufacturers. Therefore, we should choose good manufacturers with good reputation when buying household vacuum cleaners. Their noise reduction technology has obvious effect on noise reduction.

2) Adjusting the vacuum cleaner power can also reduce the noise. In general household cleaning, basically the minimum power can be used. In this power cleaning, the noise is much reduced, and the energy is saved. 

3) When we are doing cleaning, we can open the doors and windows, so that we can reduce the noise of the vacuum cleaner, let us feel that the noise is reduced a lot!

4) The noise of the vacuum cleaner may also be caused by the vacuum cleaner blocking. After using the vacuum cleaner, we should clean the baffle and tail filter position at the lower air inlet, so that the noise will be much reduced the next time we use the vacuum cleaner.

If you are troubled with the noise generated by the vacuum cleaner when using the vacuum cleaner, it is better to try the methods I introduced, maybe it will help you!

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