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Is it Worth Repairing a Vacuum Cleaner?

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Is it Worth Repairing a Vacuum Cleaner?

In the daily use of vacuum cleaner process, there will be a variety of faults. At this time, we need to have a sufficient understanding of vacuum cleaner maintenance, thus, we can quickly deal with the fault and reduce the fault. This article will introduce the maintenance method, for your reference. 

Vacuum cleaner maintenance method

1. The straw is broken.

A straw is a small part of a vacuum cleaner, usually home to spare a straw or two, in case of failure. If it's not too serious, you can replace it yourself. If the case is serious, it needs to be repaired at the after-sales service point.

2. The dust storage box is broken

There are many reasons for this problem, and it is usually caused by people not paying attention to the maintenance when they use it. Well maintained dust storage box is not easy to break, problems need to be replaced in time, you can contact the original manufacturers to buy and replace.

3. The motor does not work

The reason why the motor does not turn is no more than circuit break, bad contact and damage of the motor itself. Because - the general vacuum cleaner circuit is relatively simple, to find where the broken circuit or contact is not difficult. Usually with the power switch, fuse tube, power coil or welding poor joint fault is more common.

1.If the fault is found on the power switch, it is mostly caused by poor switch contact. Special attention should be paid to whether the coil is in good contact or broken during the inspection. Because the installation position of coil is usually more hidden, and disassembly is more troublesome, easy to be ignored.

2.If the fuse tube is blown, be sure to find out the reason, and eliminate after the replacement of the same specification fuse tube, otherwise it is likely to burn off the fuse or damage the motor. If the fuse tube is still burned out again, do not replace it, which is easy to damage the motor. The correct method is to thoroughly check the cause of fuse burning. Practice shows that if there is no obvious short circuit point, the reason is mostly motor overload, which can be checked emphatically.

vacuum cleaner

3.If there is no problem in the check circuit, fuse tube is also normal, then the fault on the motor. Generally, the motor has broken wires or poor contact with the fault. Disconnection usually occurs on the outlet line of the motor, which can be seen by the naked eye. If difficult to judge, use multimeter test. Need professional maintenance master to help right now.

If the vacuum has serious problems and is expensive to repair, it is also a good idea to repurchase the vacuum.

Do's and don 'ts of using vacuum cleaner

1. Before use, check whether all parts are in good condition. If there is damage, air leakage to repair, check in time. We have to see if there's any leakage. It is also very important that the dust in the dust bag is not emptied.

2, before using the vacuum cleaner should be the place of large stolen goods, paper clean. Avoid being sucked into the tube to block the air inlet or dust path when working, so that the vacuum cleaner cannot work normally.

3, the general dry vacuum cleaner is not allowed to absorb wet soil or sewage, to prevent damage to the vacuum cleaner.

Remember to lubricate the motor bearings of the vacuum cleaner regularly. If often used, not once a month.

5. Carbon brush for vacuum cleaner motor. If wear and tear occurs after long-term use, a new carbon brush should be replaced in time.

6. When the vacuum cleaner is not in use, it should be stored in a dry and ventilated place. And vacuum cleaners should be cleaned every 3 days.

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