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How to Select the Wireless Vacuum Cleaner?

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How to Select the Wireless Vacuum Cleaner?

In the past years, vacuum cleaners make it much easier to clean the floor but bother people for its heaviness. However, with the emergence of wireless vacuum cleaner, its more effortless to clean around the room despite the relatively short time of endurance. Currently, as technology has advanced and the battery and other performances have improved a lot, it’s substantially convenient to use wireless vacuum cleaners. Now there are so many kinds of wireless vacuum cleaners that it confuses us on how to choose an appropriate one. Some tips of selection are as followed.


Comparing cheap wireless vacuum cleaners with expensive ones, there are not as many difficulties as imaged since the fundamental function is similar and the difference is the quantity of functions. So, consider from our economic condition and the demand for special functions and decide the range of price.

Service Environment

Floor made of different materials requires different degree of cleanliness resulting in diverse choices. And the terrain of the environment influences the bulk of vacuum cleaner we choose.


There are five significant aspects to assess the function of a cordless vacuum cleaner.


The working principle of the vacuum cleaner is to use the motor to drive the blade to rotate at high speed and produce air negative pressure in the sealed shell to absorb dust. For wireless vacuum cleaners, suction determines the efficiency of cleaning and cleaning ability.


Poor endurance will decrease cleaning efficiency and bothers consumer a lot. Nowadays, many manufacturers of wireless vacuum cleaner have improved batteries so that it can keep working for longer time. Before selecting, we can estimate the time we need to use and choose the most suitable one.


Wireless vacuum cleaner is held by people. If it is too heavy, we might feel tired more easily. So, the lighter the wireless vacuum cleaner is, the more effortless to use it and the better.

vacuum cleaner


Brush quality determines the wireless vacuum cleaner’s cleaning ability. With better brush, cleaning effect is better. On the contrary, the poor brush is easy to cause winding, poor cleaning effect, and even let the consumer clean twice.

5.Other special functions

In consideration of some unusual environment such as dark corners, some wireless vacuum cleaners are equipped with LED lights in front of brush.


A famous trademark usually provides more intimate service and is comprehensively better than those normal trademarks. What’s more, the after-sale service is guaranteed. We can be less worried if we choose a responsible trademark.

Trying out 

But no matter how much we learn about it from the Internet or booklets, it’s better for us to touch it and have a try. Before determining which one to choose, we can go to local electrical stores and try the specific one we have decided before. 

We can save money through picking up the fit wireless vacuum cleaner instead of pursuing for more functions blindly. The more we learn about the wireless vacuum cleaner we will buy, the more effortless the usage will be after the purchase. 

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