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How to Avoid Secondary Pollution by Using a Vacuum Cleaner?

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How to Avoid Secondary Pollution by using a Vacuum Cleaner?

In today's society, vacuum cleaners are inseparable ones used for cleaning whether it is a family, a car, a factory or a hotel. The vacuum cleaner gently sucks the dust and melon paper scraps, and the ground is clean as new. But do you know? If the vacuum cleaner is used improperly, it will cause secondary pollution, and this is easily overlooked issue for us. How to solve this problem? 

First, know about the cause of secondary pollution

1. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with poor filter device, so that the vacuum cleaner sucks the dust but discharges the dust collected from the air to the air again, which is contrary to the purpose of cleaning the environment.

2. After using the vacuum cleaner, improperly cleaning the dust bag, so that the mites and dust in the dust bag return to the surrounding environment again, which also causes secondary pollution.

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Second, how to avoid secondary pollution?

1. In the optional part of the vacuum cleaner, you should choose a strong suction and good filter material. Household vacuum cleaners are generally suitable for 27Kpa up and down, below that value, it will be brought too low suction. Otherwise, it causes a waste. Handheld vacuum cleaners generally have 1616Kpa, you must remember to try it when you purchase.

In addition, the most important thing is to see the filter performance of the vacuum cleaner. This mainly depends on the filter material of the vacuum cleaner. The common filter materials used on the vacuum cleaners in the market are as follows: sponge filtration, activated carbon filtration, scouring filtration, and HEPA filtration. Among them, the sponge has the worst filterability; activated carbon filtration is characterized with large adsorption force, its disadvantage is that the hole is relatively large and the filterability is just so so; the scouring pad has better texture and the cost is not high. It is a relatively economical material, and the performance is better than two types previously mentioned. HEPA filtration is currently the best filter material, with high precision, strong adsorption. Vacuum cleaner equipped with HEPA filtration material, the air is completely cleaned. Now the latest vacuum cleaner technology is the design of the dust-free bag. Applied the aerodynamic principle, the dust is thrown into the dust collecting bucket through strong centrifugal force, so that the dust and gas are completely separated, effectively avoiding the problem of secondary pollution.

2. Clean the dust bag properly. Dust bag should be lightly handled, not allowed to be forcefully beat, otherwise it will make dust and nose. It is easy to cause secondary pollution to the surrounding environment. It is best to wash the dust bag with clean water to prevent the dust from spreading again in the air.

3. Vacuum cleaners should be cleaned regularly, eliminated poison and reducing the spread of harmful substances.

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