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How do you Deodorize a Wireless Vacuum Cleaner?

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How do you Deodorize a Wireless Vacuum Cleaner?

With science and technology developing, our living standard has improved in all walks of life, especially the household electrical appliances that have been our good helpers for years. Nevertheless, how to clean those machines always annoys us, which is an inevitable problem. Therefore, in terms of an common appliance, the Wireless Vacuum Cleaner, I intend to give some suggestions about the ways to deodorize it, expecting to benefit you to some extent. 

Reasons for odor after long use

As is known to all, the Vacuum Cleaner, regardless of the Wireless Vacuum Cleaner or the Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, is mainly used to clean the small garbage that is difficult to discover through the eyes. However, the small things not only include the dust but also the scurf from our bodies and the latter is the primary cause of the foul smell. So, how does it work? In fact, provided that there is a long time to fail to clean the Vacuum Cleaner, the scurf possibly becomes the place where bacteria multiply and the bacteria will produce metabolites which lead to the odor. Sometimes, another reason may be the damage of internal parts, contributing to the stench of burning.

vacuum cleaner filter

The key to deodorization

To clean the Vacuum Cleaner effectively, we have to figure out what is the most important part in stinking. Virtually, according to its structure and working principle, it is easy to make a conclusion that the Vacuum Cleaner Filter is the key part. Obviously, the function of the Vacuum Cleaner Filter is to keep inhaled dust from leaking out and prevent the dust from damaging the motor. Thus, with the time passing away, the Vacuum Cleaner Filter will filled with the Inhaled things and gradually emits terrible smell. 

Consequently, to achieve the deodorization, soft brush can be used to remove the dust on the filter paper with the carefulness of not damaging the filter paper. For filters using velvet cloth as filter medium, wash them with cold water before drying. That is all that counts. 

General cleaning methods

Beyond doubts, we should also tackle other problems rather than ignore them. 

First, pay attention to the cleanliness of the appearance of the Vacuum Cleaner. It's acceptable to gently wipe the fuselage with soft cloth and soapy water, but don't clean it with organic solvents or steel balls, which will destroy the Vacuum Cleaner. 

Second, it is vital to deodorize the exhaust port of the Vacuum Cleaner. To settle this problem, you can dip the cotton into lemon juice and put it in the dust canister of the Vacuum Cleaner every time you plan to use it, which makes your room fresh without the odor.

Third, apart from brushing the bottom of the Vacuum Cleaner with a brush, you can also use toothpicks or bamboo sticks to remove the garbage entangled. For some objects with strong adhesion, such as hair, silk thread and so on, the only way to take them off is using your hands. 

Finally, cleaning the dust collecting bags of the Vacuum Cleaner should not be neglected, neither. Specifically speaking, you should remove the dust debris from the dust collection bags and wash it with detergent. After that, rinse it with clean water and dry it with air. 

wireless vacuum cleaner

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