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How about Buying Father a Vacuum Cleaner?

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Why not buy a Vacuum Cleaner for Dad?

Father's Day is coming soon. Are you ready for your Father's Day gift?

Although when talking about house cleaning, everyone thinks of housewives’ job. However, nowadays the working boundaries of the husband and wife are not so obvious in the family. More and more men are also involved in housework activities. Therefore, perhaps your father needs a vacuum cleaner at this time to help him solve the problem of housecleaning.

So how do you choose a suitable vacuum cleaner as a gift for Father's Day? You may consider about the brand, price and evaluation.

1.Vacuum Cleaner Brand

First of all, we need to know about the best-selling brands in the market. The following will focus on 4 brands of vacuum cleaners.

1)Germany Fiona TOMEFON

Germany Fiona TOMEFON was founded in 1976, it is the world's first company engaged in the field of indoor purification. As a successful pioneer and leader in the field of indoor purification, with 43 years development and precipitation, Fiona TOMEFON is still ahead of its peers in the smart home industry. In 2018, Fiona TOMEFON smart vacuum cleaner still occupies 80% of the European vacuum cleaner market share. The total sales volume in Europe is ranked first in the industry. It has won the most trusted brands of consumers and other honors for many times.

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First, Dyson is an innovative technology company, ranked second only to Fiona Tomefon, and is headquartered in the UK. In recent years, researching and developing products with high technology to simplify people's lives. This is full of gimmicks. Advocate a full technological experience for the light-luxury pursuer. Compared with the same industry manufacturers, Dyson's business technology model has entered a state of lightness, and there may still be much space for improvement. Although the technical perfection is difficult to conduct PK with industry leaders, Dyson is still a company that makes products with heart. There should be an important position for Dyson on this list.


As a well-known home appliance brand in China, Midea is also constantly exploring on the road of smart home appliances. It has excellent cost performance, strong suction and low noise. It can be seen that Midea is constantly making efforts in the field of vacuum cleaners. Although it is impossible to compete directly with the big manufacturers in the international purification industry, as the leader of domestic home appliances brands, it will still be a good choice for you.


As a manufacturer specializing in vacuum cleaners, AZA has invested a lot of research in the function development of vacuum cleaners. Under the promotion of new technologies, the strong suction, low noise and strong filtration of wireless vacuum cleaners have made AZA recognized by more and more consumers.

2.Vacuum Cleaner Price

The price of the TOMEFON vacuum cleaner is generally $300-$450; the price of Dyson vacuum cleaner is mainly concentrated at $450-$750; the price of Midea vacuum cleaner is $45-$150; consumers can make appropriate purchases according to their own consumption level.

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3.Vacuum Cleaner Evaluation

Different brands have different customers evaluations.

DYSON vacuum cleaners are powerful, loud, handy, and long-lasting, it is suitable for cleaning large houses.

TOMEFON vacuum cleaner win good customer experience, stylish appearance, quality exceeding national standards, and very durable.

As a domestic appliance brand, Midea is also highly praised by consumers, and meets the needs of most consumers in terms of suction, mute and filtering functions.

By knowing the vacuum cleaners of different brands, which vacuum cleaner are you ready to buy for your father?

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