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How Long Should a Vacuum Last?

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How Long Should a Vacuum Last?

Wireless Vacuum cleaners have become more and more popular in modern families and are one of the important appliances for household cleaning. Therefore, when buying the vacuum cleaners, the length of service life is a concern of everyone. So, what are the factors affecting the life of the vacuum cleaner and how to better extend the service life of the vacuum cleaner?

1. Factors affecting the service life of the vacuum cleaner

The service life of the vacuum cleaner is determined by the quality of the product itself (such as the quality of the brand, parts, etc.), the method of use in the consumer daily life (whether or not the operation manual is followed), and the daily maintenance of the product (whether or not the related maintenance is done during uafter use) and other factors.

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2. Methods of extending vacuum cleaner service life

First, checking

Check that the vacuum cleaner bag is clean before using the vacuum cleaner. If it is clean, it can be used. If it is not clean, it is recommended to use it after cleaning.

Second, using time

When using it, it is best to control your time. If it is used for too long, it may cause the vacuum cleaner motor to damage the vacuum cleaner directly due to overuse. It is recommended that the time for each use should not exceed two hours.

Third, prohibit cleaning sundries

Many vacuum cleaners are not recommended to clean up some metal debris or directly burned things, or some other debris, because if these things are sucked into the vacuum cleaner, it is likely to damage the motor and the dust bag of vacuum cleaner.

Fourth, other matters need attention

When using your vacuum cleaner, it is best to stay away from pumps, stoves, or some other source of radiation, because if you use a vacuum cleaner near these things, it may cause some damage to both, or even some dangerous things are present.

Generally, if the vacuum cleaner you purchased has a dust indicator, you should pay attention to it. Don't work when the dust is full. If it is nearly full, you should stop the vacuum cleaner immediately and then clean the dust.

Fifth, cleaning 

After using the vacuum cleaner, clean the vacuum cleaner and all the accessories it uses with a wet clot h, then let it dry naturally in the air.

If there is garbage in the dust bag, it is recommended to clean it in time. Don't accumulate it all the time. The excessive accumulation of garbage has bad influence on the vacuum cleaner itself or the environment of the whole room.

If you are not in a hurry to use the vacuum cleaner, you can clean the dust bag thoroughly, wash it with water, and then place it under the sun for natural air drying.

The vacuum cleaner needs frequent inspections to check whether the various parts are in good condition and whether there is looseness. If there is a need, we should make timely remedial measures, if it is late, the vacuum cleaner may not be saved.




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