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Comparative Analysis of Various Types of Vacuum Cleaners

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Comparative Analysis of Various Types of Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaner is one of the star products of dust removal supplies. All vacuum cleaners are very high quality and beautiful design. In the face of various styles of vacuum cleaners, how do we choose? There're four kinds of vacuum cleaners. Let's introduce some model for you.

vacuum cleaner

Barrel vacuum cleaner VS horizontal vacuum cleaner

The structural classification can be divided into the following categories:

 Vertical vacuum cleaner: It is mostly in the shape of a bucket or a square. It is divided into upper and lower parts. The upper part is equipped with a motor. It is a power part, complicated to vacuum. The lower part is a dust box.

 Horizontal vacuum cleaner: rectangular or car-shaped with front and rear parts, the front part is the dust box, and the rear part is the motor part.

The advantage of the bucket vacuum cleaner is that it has more power and a larger dust holding capacity, that is, it can be as few as times for cleaning. In addition, it is also very strong in water absorption. Full of water? It is absorbed in an instant. But there are also shortcomings, not to mention that the fuselage is a bit high, the floor space is large, there is no locust brush, the most important thing is that the noise is much better than the horizontal vacuum cleaner when the cleaning is messy.  

The advantages of the horizontal vacuum cleaner, it is beautiful and generous, the floor space is small, the speed can be adjusted and the mites can be removed. There are still great advantages in these aspects. But the cost is that the performance of water absorption is not outstanding, the amount of dust is not large and it is often the case that half of the suction is to be cleaned. Although the capacity of the dust cup is 1.5L-2.5L, in fact, half is almost the same.

vacuum cleaner

Wired vacuum cleaner VS wireless vacuum cleaner

From the way of use, it is divided into wired and wireless. 

Wired vacuum cleaner: generally including vertical and horizontal vacuum cleaners. They are relatively large in size, and have relatively large power and strong suction.

Wireless vacuum cleaner: a common portable vacuum cleaner. It has a hand-held design that does not need to be bent, and is more convenient to clean. It can also effectively avoid the entanglement of the wires, and the movement is relatively simple.

Wired vacuum cleaner’s suction is really powerful. Because the wires are connected, they are always charging and there is no need to worry about whether the power of the body will be used up at once, so it is really powerful. Special dedication! But at the same time, noise is inevitable, and there are wires. The design is not very convenient for mobile use and the cleaning for high places is not perfect. 

However, the power of the wireless vacuum cleaner battery is limited, relatively weak. At this point, it is really an innate advantage and disadvantage. But the advantages are also obvious. No matter where people want to go, even in the outdoor cleaning, it works well. Even if you don't go outdoors, it's very comfortable to clean the room. Don't worry if the wires are short, or if you don't touch the wires and so on. The lookout is small, exquisite and more lovely. 

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