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Can Vacuum Cleaner Replace Mop?

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Can Vacuum Cleaner Replace Mop?

Nowadays, vacuum cleaner has become more and more popular in households, and the use rate of mops has decreased. So, in the room cleaning, can vacuum cleaners replace the use of mops? This needs to be analyzed from the advantages and disadvantages of the use of mops and wireless vacuum cleaners.

1.Advantages and disadvantages of the mop

Due to the development of household mops, there are several types nowadays, and different mops have their own advantages and disadvantages. Take a flat mop and a sponge mop as an example.

1) Flat mop


① Flat mop can be rotated 360 degrees, very easy to use; because the pallet is long and wide, the area that touches is large, so it is very fast to clean.

② When using the flat mop, you can push the debris together, then use a towel to pour the garbage into the trash.


① The mop needs to be dismantled frequently when cleaning and some parts will rust.

② Washing the mop cloth is very annoying.

flat mop

2) Sponge mop


① The mop head is a high-fiber nano material, which is much better than the traditional mop cloth.

② There are many stoma, not only the water absorption capacity is high, but also the bacteria are not easy to remain on the brush head, which makes people healthier when they do cleaning job.


① It is not suitable for the ground stains of heavy grease, it is not economical, and it is easy to wear the mop.

②After use, it must be washed and wrung out, then be placed in the vent, otherwise it will be odorous and smelly.

sponge mop

2. Advantages and disadvantages of vacuum cleaners

Take a hand-held vacuum cleaner as an example.


1) Hand-held vacuum cleaners are generally putter-type operation methods, which are simple and convenient.

2) Multiple filtering. It can effectively filter air and dust to avoid secondary pollution

3) Easy to clean up the dead end. The head of the hand-held vacuum cleaner is designed to be flat and easy to clean all the sanitary corners in the home.

4) Easy to store. Because the hand-held vacuum cleaner is a vertical design, it is very convenient to store and does not take up too much space.

5) It can be used in many areas. For example, it can be used for cleaning vehicles and other supplies. It can also effectively clean keyboards and other living 

appliances. Moreover, the dust bag has a large volume, and is easy to clean or be replaced.

6) The working noise and vibration are low; the square brush can be rotated by 90 degrees, which is convenient for vacuuming in small space and multi-angle.


The power is small and the cleaning is laborious. Sometimes it is more laborious to clean up some of the more difficult stains.

 3. The effect of using the vacuum cleaner and the mop together

Since the vacuum cleaner and the mop are not the same, the two are generally not interchangeable. Vacuum cleaners are mainly used to clean relatively large, visible waste. The mop is generally used to handle some tiny stains. Both are important tools for cleaning, and they work best together. It is generally recommended to use a vacuum cleaner to clean some large and dusty garbage, and then use a mop (usually wet the mop head with water) for secondary cleaning.

vacuum cleaner

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