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Are Expensive Vacuums Worth It?

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Are Expensive Vacuums Worth It?

Among the cleaning appliances, wireless vacuum cleaner can be said to be one of the recognized cleaning artifacts. Compared with traditional brooms, vacuum cleaners are more convenient, faster and cleaner when cleaning garbage, so almost every home will consider purchasing one. So, what should we pay attention to when purchasing a vacuum cleaner?

1.Vacuum cleaner purchase errors

Error 1: The more expensive the better

We all think that the more expensive the quality must be better, then its function will be more complete, more in line with our own needs. In fact, the vacuum cleaner’ cost may not be less than one tenth of the price. A large part of the money is branded. There is no essential difference between the 500-yuan vacuum cleaner and the 2000-yuan vacuum. The quality and function are the same, and the practicality is the same. Therefore, when purchasing a vacuum cleaner, it is not more expensive the better, and it must be rationally consumed.

Error 2: Appearance is king

The vacuum cleaner is mainly a functional machine. If all the research and development costs are used in appearance, its practicality will naturally decline, and the quality will be difficult to guarantee. Therefore, for the vacuum cleaner, its appearance is not so important, but its function is the focus of everyone's purchase.

Error 3: Ignore the hidden necessary functions

Many people are buying vacuum cleaners. As long as they have basic functions, other additional functions can be avoided. In fact, every function of the vacuum cleaner has its practical value, such as the front and rear rotation of the brush head, because of a small one change, you can smartly deal with the areas that are difficult to clean along the corners of the wall, narrow areas and home corners. Therefore, when the vacuum cleaner is purchased, more function is beneficial, and it can be more convenient for cleaning up the home.

Therefore, the purchase of vacuum cleaners must meet our own needs.

2. Vacuum cleaner purchase precautions

1) Purchase the type of vacuum cleaner according to the cleaning environment

The key to purchasing a vacuum cleaner is to choose the  suitable vacuum cleaner according to the cleaning needs. We all know that there are several types of vacuum cleaners, including horizontal vacuum cleaners, vertical vacuum cleaners, handheld vacuum cleaners and bucket vacuum cleaners. Bucket vacuum cleaners are generally not required for household use.

Horizontal vacuum cleaner. At present, horizontal vacuum cleaners belong to the category of high household used rate appliances in the Asian and European markets, which are characterized by small size and convenient storage. Horizontal vacuum cleaners are used in a wide range of applications. Carpets, interior cleaning, electrical appliances, and indoor homes are all areas of work.

Vertical vacuum cleaner. It is more common in the American market and is suitable for large-area carpet cleaning. 

Handheld vacuum cleaner. The obvious advantage is that it is compact and easy to carry and use. Although it is less powerful compared to horizontal vacuum cleaners, handheld vacuum cleaners are more than adequate for cleaning interiors, keyboards, sofas, appliances,etc.

vacuum cleaner

2) Other details for selecting a vacuum cleaner

A. Look at the quality of the vacuum cleaner

If you choose a vacuum cleaner, you should choose one with bright and smooth outer casing. You should not choose a paint product. For a good vacuum cleaner, the filtering mesh should have both large and small mesh eyes. In the power-on trial, the starting speed of the good quality product should not exceed 1 second, the amplitude  should be small when the hand touches the casing, the deceleration time should be more than 5 seconds after the power is cut off, and the stopping process is smooth and uniform.

B. Wattage and listening 

Generally speaking, the wattage is proportional to the suction. For the normal family, a vacuum cleaner of about 1000W is enough.

After the vacuum cleaner is energized, only the sound of the wind should be present. The smaller the sound of the whole machine, the better. It should not be mixed with other noise. Some vacuum cleaners are equipped with a power recovery device. When selecting, pull out the power cord and press the take-up switch to see if it will fully retract the power cord.

C. Is there a dust bag or dust-free bag? 

The dust bag vacuum cleaner relies on the cloth bag or paper bag to filter the inhaled dusty air, and the dust is accumulated in the dust bag after filtering. If you use a cloth dust bag, you need to take out the dust bag regularly to dump the dust and clean the dust bag. However, when dust bags are removed and dust is dumped, it is easy to get dusty and it is very troublesome to clean. Therefore it is recommended to buy a dust-free bag.

In addition to the above points in the purchase process need to pay attention to, whether having the speed control function is also an important reference factor, speed control can not only help you save power, but also can protect the machine head when you use the minimum speed to open the vacuum cleaner.

Wish you can choose the right vacuum cleaner!

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